Quebec Bike Tour — Laurentians, Northwest of Montreal

Here’s a bike tour of the Laurentians that I took in 2016. We stayed mostly on Le P’Tit Train du Nord, a rail-trail, so navigation was easy. You’ll want to get off the rail-trail in a few spots to visit towns that you would otherwise bypass. You may also want to get off the rail-trail in other places because the rail-trail does get to be a bit boring after a while.

Gîte de la Gare at Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré
The ski village at Mont-Tremblant

The P’Tit Train du Nord also has an official transportation provider for you, your bike and your luggage if you so desire.  This makes logistics really easy. One call (or email does it all). They also rent bikes and panniers, so you don’t need to bring your bike if you don’t want to. One friend rented a bike and was provided with a nice Marin hybrid. If you’re using the baggage transfer service, make sure to weigh your bag before you go. They weigh the bags right as you arrive and will charge you if your bag is overweight. (2.2lbs = 1kg).

L’Autobus Le P’Tit Train du Nord — Transportation Services

Info on the rail-trail — Official Regional Tourism Website




Here’s the route sheet I created to go with the map.

MapShare Petit Train du Nord Route Sheet

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