Portugal — Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon & Estoril

A friend and I are going to Portugal in February on an unbelievably inexpensive off-season deal. For less than $700 per person we get five nights in hotels, round trip flight from Newark to Lisbon and a small rental car. This package is being arranged by Gate1 Travel, a huge operator of guided and unguided tours. We’re going without a guide, so, of course, I’ve created a map to help us figure out where to go. I used the itinerary from Gate1’s website, some articles from the New York Times and some looking around on the map to create this map for us. We’re not going until February, so I will likely add more to the map before we go. Check back and then use this map for your own travels to Portugal.

New York Times 36 Hours Porto

New York Times 36 Hours Lisbon

Gate1 Travel

New York Times article on Bairrada wine

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